Suitable for singeing woven fabric of pure cotton, polyester fiber ,lycra and their blended
fabric, removing fabric surface impurity, improving fabric surface quality and
smoothness. The singeing machine is configured with the latest advanced alloy multi-mix double jet
burner, it meets high efficient, energy save, environment and safety.

Technical Parameters

  • Machine width : 2000 mm., maximum fabric work width : 1850mm.
  • Machine design speed: maximum 120 mtr./min.
  • Fuel: natural gas, ~24m3/hour consumption.
  • Singeing mode: one face and one inverse;
  • Drive mode: Multi-unit AC drive.
  • Speed adjust: Inverter adjustable.
  • Control mode:PLC.
  • Operation mode:Touchable panel, human interface.
  • Installed power: ~35 KW.
  • Machine hand: motors, fans, air blowers etc are located in the left side face the fabric
    entrance view. Operation touch screen is in the right side.( can be on other Side)

Machine Function

The top advanced burner can achieve fast speed and high temperature running,
maximum 150m/min, 1300 centigrade.

  • Pros-Singe innovated aluminum alloy burner, good performance, low consumption.
  • Multi singeing mode, 4 different ways.
  • Gas and air mixing in stable, carry out Italy proportional valve, keep gas and air
    pressure equally at mixing point under adjusting condition.
  • PLC controller, achieve process repeatable.
  • On line monitor: burner flaming, cooled water flow, cooled water temperature, burner
    body temperature, keep safety.

Burner Layout :