Automatic Rope Opening Slitting Washing Squeezing Machine

LINK Machinery made Automatic rope opening slitting washing squeezing machine apply to opening, slitting, squeezing for dyed & printed knits fabric, As well as for woven cotton, rayon, poly/cotton, ponte roma, lace fabric, wrap knit fabric etc.

One person cane operate the whole machine,
Effectively shorten the after-finishing time and improve efficiency.
Reduce the labor intensity of more than two operators , thereby reduce operating costs. Machine is Made of Full Stainless Steel.

Technical Advantages:

  • Controlled by PLC communication, stable running smoothly when high and low tension simultaneous start. Waterproof touch screen, a key to start, easy to operate.
  • Machine configuration 10 item security devices to ensure the safety.
  • J-BOX (pre-squeezer) for no cloth stop; encountered a cloth knot stop; pressing cloth stop; pulling cloth stop; make the operation more easy and intelligence.
  • Machine frame is made of stainless steel 304. Electrical equipment is made from German Siemens brand and reasonable selection and machine is durable.
  • Washing tank use recycled water to remove fabric lint, double-spaced type washing lank design, configuration 4-6 sets of high-pressure sprayer,water--saving and efficient.

Technical Parameters:

SpeedOperational Rate: 0~100m/min

Different Types of Models:

Type A:

Rope Slitting, opening with paddles

Type B:

Rope Slitting, opening washing with paddles

Type C:

Rope Slitting, opening with paddles

Circulating Washing Tank

Washing use range--against washing process for knit cotton fabric, woven cotton fabric and before printed rayon fabric, configuration circulating type washing tank, with filter and high-pressure sprayer together use, can efficiency remove fabric lint, automatic filter out of lint, and save water.

Squeezing Roller Structure

The innovate sqeezing roller structuire works on the vertical pressing mechanism. Made of imported material, fabric, moistrue is lower 10-25% than competitors' slanting pressing roller structure of competitors.

Automatic Slitting Device

Fabric Lint Filter Device