Lab Sample Dyeing Machine

(HTK - 5 + 5 kg / 10 + 10 kg Fabric)

Fully Automatic.

From 2 yards to 1-3-5kg light cloth-cloth-thick cloth.
Dyeing secondary acid, alkaline, heat preservation, cleaning, Each process in the super penetration sample color measurement instrument is adjustable, Fabric guide wheel, water pump process can be set fast, medium and slow.
In the dyeing process to help you understand the characteristics of the dye auxiliaries,cloth color, feel, width, sublimation fastness and washing fastness, etc.

Technical Details :


HTK-5kg double cylinder Dyeing Machine

  • Model:HTC-5 kg.  ( also available in 10 kg. )
  • Tank number:2
  • Capacity:300-5kg/cylinder
  • Liquor ratio:1:6-1:20
  • Max. working pressure:0.44Mpa
  • Max. working temperature:135℃
  • Rate of temperature increase:0.1-5℃/min
  • Room temperature-135℃)
  • Cooling rate(135℃-80℃):2℃/min
  • Total power:6.6kw/cylinder

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