TEX TRADE now bring you Advanced Semi Conductor Laser Exposing Technology.


Imaging System 16-24 channel discrete 405nm laser diode
Resolutions 720*2540 dpi
Engraving Speed 5-8 min./m
Repeatability 0.02mm Continuous Exposure for two timesAt 25oC and 60% relative humidity
Interface USB 2.0
Emulsion Ordinary Emulsion
Image Size 640-1018mm
Screen Length 300-2200mm 300-3500mm
File Type bmp, tif
Power 220v – 50Hz – 2kv
Environment Recommended: 21 – 25oC, 18-26oC, relative humidity 40-70%, dust-free, constant temperature.
Size/Weight 3700*1000*1500mm/1200kg 4700*1000*1500mm/1500kg


  • Highly precised optical lens system, significantly improving the accuracy of the system network.
  • Fast Calibration system, one minute to complete 16 sources of energy detection and correction.
  • It can engrave the screen immediately after coating with photo emulsion.
  • Under 405nm blue laser, it makes the photo emulsion harden on the non-pattern surface with high speed running.
  • Because of the exact focusing & steady UV laser system, it can mark the pattern exactly with only one path.
  • The multiple beam UV machine have good advantage in low energy consumption.

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