Automatic Weftstraightener ( 6 Eyes, Servo Drive )



Features :

  • For Narrow Woven Fabrics 1850 – 2000 mm.
  • 6 Sensors / Eyes ( Japanese Brand )
  • Fast Sense
  • 10-350 Picks/inch Sense Pitch
  • Color Display touch Screen

Technical Description :

Installation Location Stenters , fabric inlet, sanforizer, printing machine, mercerizing machine etc.
Suitable range Woven fabrics
Speed Active Style 1-120 mtr./min.   Passive Style 150mtr./min.
Available Widths 1600 – 3600 mm .
Weft density to be detected 10-350 Picks/inch
Diameter of Guide Roiler Φ100MM.
Straightening rollers Three sloping rollers and two bowing rollers or three sloping rollers and three bowing rollers
Straightening range Bias weft<+- 30% of fabrics width and no wider than 750 mm. in max
Driving of bowing roller Active Style: the bowing roller are driven actively, tension can adjust.  Passive Style: the bowing rollers are driven passively
Number of Sensors 4 – 10 sensors.
Single acquisition mode Infrared reflectance
Number of Sensors MAX +- 19 degree
Detection accuracy +- 0.1 degree
Inclined execution drive Computer control ac motor-drives real-time drive
Bend execution drive Computer control ac motor-drives real-time drive
Display 10’’ color led screen, 10’’ touch screen (optional)
Power supply installation capacity 3-Phase AC380V 50Hz 3 KVA
Weight 1200 – 1500 Kg.